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The Aligner System

 The concept is based on the following premises:

• The base of the skull is the reference anatomical benchmark.
• The maxilla is the primary arch that must be horizontal to the base of the skull.
• The maxilla is the foundation to structural balance of the body.
• The reference horizontal plane is related to the base of the skull, allowing for proper structural analysis.
• The reference horizontal plane of the skull is the Hamular Notch-Incisive Papilla Plane (HIP), which is parallel to the true Horizontal Plane.
• The HIP Plane is reproducible.
• The Plane of Occlusion is parallel to the Hamular Notch-Incisive Papilla Plane (HIP) in healthy people.
• Parallelism produces harmony in the neuromuscular system.
• The orthostatic balance of the cranium and cervical spine is best maintained when the Occlusal Plane is horizontal to the base of the skull.
• The relative position of the Plane of Occlusion affects the central nervous system.
• The forces of occlusion affect the cranio-mandibular system and therefore the entire body function.

3 Steps in a single patient visit to confidently establish a treatment plan 

1.  Take HIP Impression

Take an impression, making sure to capture the Hamular Notches 

2.  Mount and Analyze

Mounting the model on the Aligner System will show where the maxilary arch is relative to level 

3.  Develop Treatment Plan

Make a diagnostic appliance for the patient to wear home. Because the Aligner System always gives you  reference level, you can can take impressions, mount the new model and track patient progress. Share the models with your lab knowing that they can recreate exactly what you see. 

The Aligner System The Aligner system provides the precise instrumen-tation to accurately reproduce the relationship of the maxilla and the mandible to the base of the skull in correct balance. With reproducible accurate measurements the Aligner System is able to establish the plane of occlusion relative to the reference horizontal of the skull. The Aligner System is much lke the instruments in the cockpit of an airplane: the compass, altimeter, and attitude indicator. It shows the clinician how far, in what direction, and what spatial relationship teeth and jaws have to the rest of the skull and body.

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How Does This All Work

Structural Balance

Using the HIP Plane to establish the Plane of Occlusion is the key to establishing neuromuscular -balance in the patient. 

The Aligner System quickly and clearly shows where  the bite is relative to the ground plane and  helps you create a treatment plan.